Can I Download these Mp3s onto my Phone?

On some phones you might be able to. However I think on iPhones you can't do it or you need an app to download it. The best way is to download it onto your computer and then transfer it to your phone. These files are mp3s, so on the iPhone you migh have to convert the file to mp4

How do I recieve the mp3s, after I buy them?

After you make payment through PayPal, you will recieve a download link in the e@mail address that you use for the purchase. Also, you can log into the sit and go to "My Mp3 Downloads" on the menu and all your orders will be there and you can click on the order and download it, if you need to

Do you accept Credit Cards for Payment?

Currently at this time, we only accept PayPal. You should be ale to use a credit card through PayPal, even if you don't have a PayPal account

Is there a discount for buying multiple mp3s at one time?

Yes, there ae coupon codes listed on the home page and on the shopping cart when you check out and you can add them to the "coupon code" box before you confirm you pruchase

What if I need to re-download my mp3s in the future?

You can log into the website with your username and password and then go to "My Mp3 Downloads" and there will be listed all your orders. Click on them and you can re-download your mp3s. You can re-download everything you buy, up to 15 times fro a 6 month period

I tried logging in with my old username and password from your other site but it didn't work?

I'm afraid that the old site I had is gone. I had to redo the entire site from scratch, do to my previuos hosting company creating havoc with my website. You'll have to create a new username and password and all your mp3s from the other site are not located on this website.

I'm sorry, I didn't want to redo the site but I got screwed due to unforseen circumstances and I wanted to keep the site up.

Where can I find your latest mp3 releases?

You can go to the menu and the link to the page where they are stored, is under "My Mp3 Downloads" or you can just click here, "Mp3s of the Month".