Fairy Magic Power-Autumn Fairies Subliminal Mp3 Review

Playing the subliminal, "Fairy Magic Powers- Autumn Fairies" is like taking a meditation mind-journey into the fall season. As soon as I play the mp3, I literally feel transported into a swirling of fallen brown leaves and the coolness and crispness of the autumn season. I can see in my mind, a cyclone of energy, brown and filled with colors coming straight into my third eye and entire being.

It's springtime all around me as I write this but inside I'm immersed in the power of autumn. There is a tranquility and pecaefulness that sweeps away the stress and tension of the world around me. It's as if my mind and entire being is caught up in a timeless parallel world, where nothing exists except the season of Fall.

As far as any revelations, it comes to my mind that the fall season is a representative of change, in the lives of us as human beings. I'm not sure what that is, I just get this surreal feeling, as I listen to the mp3 and allow myself to become immerssed in this special place. In hearing this mp3, it really wipes away my problems and stresses that I was all caught up in prior to hearing this mp3.

My problems have become instantly, irrelevant compared to the magic and beauty of this experience. I am immersed in the magic that is here yet I have no interest in trying to gain some type of magical abilities. I get the idea, that there are infinite amounts of various beings responsible,behind the scenes for making fall appear to us here on the earth as it does.

The swirling that comes to my mind, has to do wth the Air and the Fairies are beings that reside here in this element. As I become observant and sit back, I can see the fairies come up to my mind and I pull back and keep my mind quiet, so as to not interfere in what I see before me. I sense some anger, possibly repressed within myself but also maybe from intruding or maybe from my prescence here in this place.

The fairies are in the form of beautiful women, light-beings made from the air element or vice-versa. It isn't time yet to awaken this place to the world, not until the time of it's season approaches. There is the feeling of endless work being done here. That the work never stops and then it appears for everyone to see at the right time. The leaves blowing in the air and appearing everywhere on the ground.

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