Psychic Energies Voodoo Magic Mastery Subliminal Mp3 Review

Listening to "Voodoo Magic Mastery Spells Mp3" and as it starts playing my mind is immediately turned towards the power and culture of voodoo. I can feel the magic of the spirits of this magical system start coming to me within 2 minutes of letting the mp3 play in the background while watching the nba finals. Maybe it's just me but I can instantly tune into the spirits from the vodoo religion, simply by playing the mp3 and not even thinking about acquiring secrets from them.

I can see in my third eye into another dimension, a swirling of voodoo spirits. There comes out from this sea of psychic energy, the figure of a black woman wearing a red checkered bandana looking at me. I see only her face looking directly at me and at first I'm thinking that this is a real woman with whom I'm somehow making mental contact with.

As I continue to make mental eye contact with her I realize that she is actually a spirit. I can hear her saying to me, very quietly, " Give me your mind". She keeps repeating this phrases to me and I realize as this happens that if I give in, just a little bit, that I start receiving magical power from her. In developing voodoo powers it comes down to the spirit giving them to you. I can hear her saying things to me. I sit half-way mentally giving in and then pulling back with my will. "I'm going to make you rich and famous" and other phrases coming to me.

I let the mp3 mindlessly loop in the background. I'm not being influenced by affirmations, like you would find with the standard subliminal mp3. This mp3 is opening up a gateway. This has nothing to do with influencing my mind but instead taking my mind on a spirtual journey to a hidden, unseen and unknown world.

I start to think of various things I'm desiring. The power of sex is very strong here in this state of mind. I'm not even thiking about sex but the power of it runs rampant. I think of money and I can see images of sparkling gold and visions of money and the magic power of money inside me glowing. I find that by thinking of money that I'm actually unconsciously casting a magical spell for money attraction without exerting any effort, except for thinking about money. There is now just a stinging power that is very strong coming to me. The swirling of voodoo spirits has gone down and I feel as I have delved deeper into this world of magic power.

I now am experiencing a landscape of power that I can see in my straight ahead and periphial vision. I can see and feel a connection to the entire world from this hidden dimension that runs parallel to it. The power coming to me from the mp3 is very strong at this point of having looped it 2 times through. I say that this is because I have an understanding and ability to access this dimension by listening to the mp3.

That I only have to play it and I can practice voodoo by mentally entering this world. I only need to mnetally say to myself what I want to have happen and I can feel it kicking in with no doubt or hesitation. I can feel waves of psychic energy move with my mental commands

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