Magic Eyegazing All Purpose Magic Powers Subliminal Review

Just listening to the subliminal, "Magic Eyegazing All Purpose Magic Abilities Subliminal Mp3". The first thing that I can feel from it is a sea of magical energies coming to my mind and thinking about what type of magical powers I could attain from listening to it. I can feel some pressure on my eyes and get the feeling, that there is some energy emnating from my eyes from listening to the mp3. The one thing that stands out from within 5-10 minutes of hearing it, is that my current stresses and worries have vanished to a great deal and my mind is turned towards the magic that I can feel coming from my eyes.

My first thoughts in hearing this mp3, are turned towards the ideas of influencing people to do certain things and also the idea of mnaifesting results in my life comes to me strongly. This feeling of being able to influence life to my liking is becoming stronger and stronger with every passing minute of hearing the mp3. Lettting it play, I find myself gaining confidence in being able to do what I want with the magic from the mp3. I start sending out of my eyes into the ether ,the power from the mp3. I think about attracting good fortune into my life. Nothing too specific but specific enough to make me believe it can be mine. I can feel it reflect back to me as I think about it and release it from my gaze.

As I continue to listen to the mp3 and focus on attracting good fortune to myself, there is a magic energy field being generated, of good fortune all around my mind and thinking. I find myself believing stronger and stronger that this is true and find all anxiety in my solar plexus being dissolved away in the process. I can now see this field of good fortune energy in a parallel dimension of where all energy resides. I can see inside it and there is a gold, sparkling energy inside it. It is like a magnetic gold power, floating in front of my third eye.

I find that I can make this energy field, stronger and more dense the more that I look at it and send more energy into it with my eyes. I can feel some doubt creeping in and I think about dowsing this doubt with a limitless blast from my eyegazing power. I concentrate on feeding this good fortune power, making it thicker and stronger than my doubt As I do this, my mind opens up to a whole other level of magical things that can be done using this mp3. I can see in the distance in the ether, magical things taking place, maybe from other people doing things and I can observe them accidently through the use of this mp3

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