Kundalini Naga Serpent Activation Powers Subliminal Mp3 Review

This subliminal mp3, Kundalini Naga Serpent Activation Power" is a very powerful subliminal. As soon as I start listening to it, there is an almost immediate awakening and flowing of kundalini energy coming up through the merdiian pathways. I can feel that power that feels like an electric voltage down in the solar plexus area, start building and rising up through my middle. I have a bit of apprehension experiencing this due to a fear of overdoing this process of awakening this hidden energy.

I feel in my mind, this same kundalini power waking up in perfect harmony with what is taking place in my solar plexus area. I have to admit that this process makes one feel very powerful and confident. I start wondering what this power could be used for or if it's even possible to control it an direct towards some definite means.

I feel like I am energizing my entire persona and am residing in another world based on this power. I can feel this electric energy having built up within my entire spirit, mind and body having listened to the mp3, barely once through. If I concentrate, just a little bit, I can see a coiled up snake in the center of this energy field.

Maybe this is my imagination or maybe it is because as this power fills one up, this becomes revealed to the person who awakens their kundalini. This subliminal is based on the certain kundalini exercise and is a bit different than the normal kundalini exercises. It is about activating the serpent from within the kundalini energy.

I'm still not sure what one could do with this power but it is a revitalizing experience. It is not too strong and anyone would be able to hear this mp3 and have this experience for themselves personally. There is no doubt a tremendous power coming from out of this process.

Looking at the definition of "kundalini naga" on google, it says that the reason for wanting to gian this power is for recieving visions and awakening secret knowledges. There is alot of mystery surrounding the kundalini. It would be impossible for anyone to control this energy without killing themselves. This energy can not be controlled, nor should one attempt to do so. Using this mp3 awakens this power and it makes you want more but to much all of a sudden would be a bad thing.

I've just come back to listening to this mp3 after having taken a 20 hr break and the kundalini power, immediately kicks in as soon as I play the mp3. If you've ever wanted to experience the kundalini energy awakening without having to do anything but listen to a mp3, then you'll be interested in hearing this mp3.

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