Akashic Records Learning Palace Subliminal Mp3 Review

I'm playing the subliminal mp3, "Akashic Records Learning Palace" and just letting it play in the background while I sit here at the computer. As it plays, I get the sensation of being someplace other than where I'm at, at the moment. I feel as if my mind is in a gigantic enclosure, while my body is sitting here on the Earth. I get the feeling as I realize this, that I can access any information I desire here, simply by using my mind to retrieve it.

The best description of this experience, is the feeling that I'm in some type of library somewhere and that all the events, people, places and things that have ever existed here on the Earth since the beginning of time are recorded here. That any knowledge that I desire to know about anyone or anything can be found here, simply by mentally using my mind to bring it to me from off the endless shelves that I can sense are all around me.

There is a feeling of complete solitude here, as if I was in an actual library somewhere all by myself and could find any book on anything that I wanted, because I was the only person who had ever entered this library and there was no one before me. I have the feeling that none of this information here has ever been accessed before me. That it is all mine to know and that there are no restrictions on what knowledge I desire to know about anything. The longer the mp3 plays, the more I can sense and feel which information I should be looking at.

It is as if I have no choice but to accept what is too be given me from this secret place. I can think about anything and I get this holographic movie, moving in a weird time frame, moving at a different rate of speed. Fast forward, frame by frame. I can see faces and see mouths of people moving but can not hear any actual words coming from their mouths.

I start thinking about computers and there are pictures of men with gignatic mainframes in front of me. I can mentally ride a time line going back o the infancy of computers and see it go through the decades and into the future beyond my line of vision. I can feel the thoughts of men and what they thought about computers from the beginning to the advent of the home computer. Then time goes faster and the quantum pace of the transformation from home computers to hand held devices wizzes by in my mind.

I feel like I'm looking up at the stars at night and watching a comet speed across the sky. That's the best comparison I can make from what this experience is like. I realize that the different computer languages are no different than the different languages of man, from country to country and that everything is the same. That the great frontiers of computers are only doing the exact same thing in a different way.

I think about how can I become a genius at computers and at learning these different languages. I get flashes of different responses in my mind. I get keep things simple but think big. By learning the basics of the languages and sticking to them. I think this is the wrong question to ask here. Not really getting the answers I'm looking for at ths time, Little bits and pieces of things.

I can see the whole spectrum of what man as a whole thinks about computers but not indiviual people. I know the answers to my questions can be found here. The future is stored here and if in the future I want to know the answers to something, they can only be found here. Here is where all the knowledge to the known and unknown is stored and kept.

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