Kabballah for the Soul Subliminal Mp3 Review

Just listening to "Kabballah for the Soul" subliminal mp3. It's quiet, late at night and is a perfect time to play something relaxing. This is my first thought, as I choose to listen to this track. After the mp3 plays for a few moments, I realize that this mp3 is strictly meant for the soul/spirit of the person listening to it. That there is really no need for any thoughts about what type of result I'm hoping to get from hearing it. This is the intuitive thought that silently comes to my mind while hearing it.

That any healing of my spirit that I'm hoping for will be beyond my conscious involvement. That there are deeply seated events and unknown future events, locked deep within myself and that by listening to this mp3, I am looking to unlock them and bring them to the forefront of my mind.

I'm sitting quietly without the distractions of the tv or radio. I can feel within my solar plexus area, a glowing radiance starting to occur. It feels a bit rough, kinda like a slight kundalini awakening when the energy starts climbing the energy meridians and gets ready to explode out of you.

I get the sense that this is what is happening and also that my wrong ways of life are also revealing themslves to me through this process. It is silent but powerful. There is nothing that I can do or think of or even meditate on, while this is taking place. This whole process is from within the soul and is totally separate and not dependent upon my mind or what I'm now thinking about in any way.

I'm getting kinda greedy listening to it, because I want more of a powerful experience like a kundalini awakening. Instead it is steady and slowly building from within. Here I'm finding it difficult to separate my thinking process from the quiet awakening of the power of the soul. I'm finding myself starting to struggle to make something happen but I know, that the most powerful way,is to just sit and not try to make anything happen.

I feel that just ignoring the process, is what is needed here and that I should allow my soul to start to blossom like a flower. I feel that this is the correct pathway to take, in using this mp3. Kabballah for the soul not the mind is the correct attitude to have, for using this mp3 and this awakening process.

It comes to my mind to continue trying to separate my thinking from my soul and this kundalini-like process that is occuring here. There are no procedures here to follow, no words or mantras to say aloud to activate anything. Just play the mp3 and forget about it and the feeling of something shifting and growing from within the spirit happens.

I can't help thinking about how slow, even and steady this process is. I'm waiting for this explosion of power but instead it just keeps growing and building. I'm starting to think about what the end point to this entire thing will be like or even if it's not an entie life that has to be lived to discover what it's all about.

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