King Solomon Angel Magic Lust Subliminal Review

Playing the subliminal mp3, "King Solomon Angel Magic Lust", it's important to realize that this track is about gaining help from the spirtual beings that cause people to become sexually attracted to one another. The title of the mp3 sums it up perfectly. It's about the angel that incites lust in people. Playing it I feel a bit apprehensive, thinking about the consequences of getting too deeply involved in something beyond my control.

Still, thinking about King Solomon, I can't resist wanting to know how he possessed such extrodinary secrets, that seemed to only work for him. I'm playing the mp3 in the background, while I watch tv not expecting anything out of the ordinary from letting it play. I can feel a power emanating from the mp3 and when I bring my attention to the sound of it, I swear I'm having visions of female angelic-like looking beings in my mind.

I can feel a sexual energy and power building up inside my mind and solar plexus area as the mp3 continues to play. It feels like the energy you would get if you had some type of spirit-charged magic item like a spell or ring or bracelet, that someone put a spell one.

As I realize this,I can sense a giant spirit lurking in the background, that has this sex power emanating from itself. That this sex power is it's power, that it is fillled with this power and most likely has charge of it and who receives it here on the earth. It is very strong. There really are no affirmations from the mp3 influencing my mind, it's the raw power instead, like a nuclear reactor that is coming to me straight from the source.

So how do I make us of this power in my life? I can feel myself being influenced by it, as it comes to me yet I know that it really isn't a part of me. It belongs to this being. This power is beyond the physical act of 2 people being intimate with each other. This power rides on top of the whole physicality of love and relationships here on the earth. My mind now feels influenced by this power very strongly.

I wonder how long I can play this mp3 or better yet, how long you would have to listen to it to figure out, how you could actually integrate this sex power for real in your life. Possibly by becoming saturated by it from the inside out. By becoming one with the spirtual being who owns and is charged with controlling this power in people's lives.

If I think about women in my mind, I can see them run to this power inside me and desire to deeply embrace it. Not me but the power they are in love/lust with it. I'm just the conduit for it. Though it seems and feels that you would have some control with this power and in drawing the opposite sex to yourself with it. I feel that I'm radiating this power now after playing the mp3 through. It feels like a sexual radiation coming off my mind and auric field.

The more I play this mp3 the more powerful it becomes. It seems to multiply the power in some quantum way inside myself. My mind is now totally engulfed in this power. My mind isn't influenced at this point, it's more of a spiritual experience. The only way to know this mp3, is to play it continously for a few days/week.

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