Eyegazing Sexual Super Powers Subliminal Mp3 Review

Listening to the mp3, "Eyegazing Sexual Super Powers" and without even thinking about anything, I find my mind transported to a place of total focus and power loaded with sexual magic. My mind is running wild with tremendous energy, lifting my spirits to one of great inspiration and purpose. I can notice as my mood changes, that I can feel my eyes becoming filled with a concentration directed towards sexual fullfillment.

As the mp3 plays, I can feel more and more sexual energy flowing to my eyes and beyond. I can feel and actually attach my consciousness to the energy that's coming from out of my gaze. I can see within the enery, all manners of things to do with sex and love. As I notice this I realize that I can direct this energy from my gaze with my mnd to any place in the world or to any person that I desire to send it to.

I can feel all my anxiety and fears about my confidence, dissolving and fading away as I listen to the mp3 with no effort at all. There is an accumalation of energy all around my eyes, all around the outside of my gaze, just sitting there and building into two giant balls of dark red energy. I don't need to try and force this energy to go anywhere with my mental effort, no instead I only need think of someone or someplace I want to send it to and it leaves my eyes and immediately goes there. All fears of encounters with women or people that your attracted to seem to diminish and lose their power over my thinking as I listen to the mp3, more and more.

My pre-concieved fears about trying to mentally influence them are replaced with a bristling confidence, of not worrying about the consequences of my magical actions. The power from the mp3 is really developing an ever inceasing pool of sexual energy within my mind and all around my eyes. After letting the mp3 play through once and beginning it's second looping, a can see an energy filled landscape developing all around my periphial vision.

There is a 3 dimensional movie that seems so real as I sit listening to the track play. It is feeding this sexual energy landscape, either creating it or opening up a portal to see through dimensions to something that I can create or something that I'm destined to become a part of.

I am creating my future reality within the ether with the magic power of the mp3. It is my sub-conscious becoming awakened to an inner power and ability that is becoming alive through the power of the mp3. I feel as if I can stand up and walk right into this energy landscape, that is being created before my etheric eyes. Or maybe I am bringing it forth into my life instead from wherever it or I created it from.

There is a mental connection in my mind being made to what I see before me. In the center of my third eye, there is an energy cord connecting to this. This brings to my mind the idea of eyegazing, really having more to do with the third eye, then the actual eyes themselves. The more I listen to the mp3, the more what is uncovered becomes awakened

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