Sex Magic Mastery Powers Subliminal Mp3 Review

A sea of energy envelopes me as I sit listening to this mp3. There are visions of all things to do with sex contained within this field or better yet, cloud of energy that comes right in front of my third eye. All I see are fiqures going in and out of this field. Anything that you could think about the subject of sex seems to be here. If I think of any particular thing, it immediately changes my viewpoint on the subject of it. There is a general feeling to the energy here. It isn't anything specific unless you think about it and then it appears before you in your imagination.

After letting it play for a few minutes, it dawns on me that I can draw this energy pool into my mind and manipulate it and then send it back out into the ether. As I do this I can feel my understanding of the subject of sex becoming greater. There is some type of interactive process taking place here. It is given to my mind to draw this energy in and by so doing my consciousness and ability to use this information effortlessly increases. My confidence on the subject and mystery becomes expanded and I receive more intuitive understanding everytime that I mentally do this.

There are all sorts of spirits or spirit energy floating here within this spirialing, ever moving cloud of sexual energy that has appeared before me from playing this mp3. I'm not sure if this cloud of energy has been generated by my mind from playing the mp3 or it came to me from somewhere by looking for it. The more that I mentally draw this energy into my mind, the more sexually powerful I feel. Not only that but I also feel that I quantumly know more and more about the subject of sex, in direct proportion to the amount of energy that I mentally draw into my mind

I don't know that I could put my deeper understanding of sex into words to explain it to someone but intuively feel that I know 100 lifetimes more about the subject from drawing this energy, in and out of my third eye. I can feel my aura radiating sex energy and actually see it in my imagination glowing off my head area. I can feel it travel down my body and spread out from all around myself. Just need to listen to it and see where it leads to

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