Telekinesis Money Attractor Subliminal Mp3 Review

The first thing that hits me from playing this mp3, is this strange power that I can feel developing inside my mind. I am experiencing this sense of being attached to everything around me. Underneath my conscious thinking, this power is starting to build and build with every passing minute of listening to this subliminal. I not really thinking of making money through "telekinesis" from listening to this. I more enthralled with this power that I'm developing from playing this mp3. I'm finding my mind wandering from the idea of hoping to make money from using this mp3

As I think this to myself, I suddenly realize that the money that I'm hoping to attract through this mp3, is in an invisible form, contained within this quantum-like, morphing power I'm getting from listening to this. I'm watching a football game while I'm playing this. I'm not even paying the closest attention to this mp3 yet it keeps building up in my mind effortlessly. I can sense a wave of energy, like an ocean wave, growing larger getting ready to splash down upon me. It's either that or I'm moving mentally closer to some sort of energy field, from where this power is coming from.

I can now see, that in actuality I'm moving closer to some type of wall that is generating this energy and magic. As I focus on this wall, I am starting to see all sorts of things to do with money. It's as if all things to do with making money in the world, either comes from here or gets it's power from here. There's some type of metaphysical secret contained here. I think that there is something here that causes money to come to people, without them knowing it. In other words, some people are more tapped into this energy field than others and that's why, some people make alot of money and some don't

Can I increase my attraction power to money somehow through this etheric energy wall of money(?). I'm thinking that simply by listening to this mp3, more and more I will increase my power from this giant wall/field from where I can see images of people/business/money splashed across the face of it. This is some type of world-wide grid, like an electric grid that powers homes, this grid powers people in making money.

When you think of "telekinetic powers", you think of some type of magic power outside yourself. Seeing this grid I'm now thinking that this type of power, is just inbred more in some people than others. That this type of power that draws material goods to you, is really a part of yourself. This mp3 definitely increases this power in you.

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