Magic Eyegazing Business and Job Success Subliminal Mp3 Review

Becoming a savy business genius is what I'm thinking about as I start playing the mp3, "Magic Eyegazing Business and Job Success" subliminal mp3. Having contemplated how one goes about becoming a successful business person, the first thing that comes to my mind as I start listening to the mp3, is that the secret totally resides in the mind.

As I hear this mp3, this thought becomes stronger and stronger in my mind. That all I have to do, to become wealthy in business, is focus on my mental attitude and make this my number 1 priority. This is such a diffucult thing to do but the mp3 is just re-enforcing this idea in my mind, as I sit here meditating on the sound of it.

I can feel the power of this thought become more profound in the energy that I can feel emanating from out of my eyes. I can feel this power, to actually influence everything in the world around me to bring success to myself. The idea of sending out magic energies from my eyes into the ether and people I see all around me becomes stronger within me, as I continue to listen to the mp3. I need to make my main focus on changing what I believe about myself succeeding in business and then send this energy out of my eyes, into everything all around me.

As I send out the energy of buisness success that's building up in my mind into the ether through my eyes, I feel like I am creating great business oppurtunity to come to me. That I am planting the seeds of something that will make money for me and that will be my own. I also can think about getting a job and this same power emanating from out of my eyes, makes me feel as if I can bring the job I desire to come to me in my life. I can choose anything that I want, it can either be some type of basic entry level job or it can be a ceo position. The fact remains that it is all dependent on what I think about in my mind.

As the mp3 starts to play though a second time, my faith in this process working becomes stronger and deeper. I believe at a deeper level that this will work. I wonder though, "How can this work?". "How can I bring business success into my life just by sending out energy of success into the ether through my eyes?".

The idea that this is doubt and nothing more comes to my conscious mind right after I think these thoughts of how to do it. I am really building up a more solid belief, that this will work if I just keep doing it. It is effortless to do this, I don't have to use any conscious effort to make this happen, I only have to be aware of it happening and it is an automatic process.

The mp3 is about business and/or job success but in my mind I feel my thinking geared and moving more towards doing a business, rather than work for someone else. During this entire process, I'm not sure what to do for a business. I can just feel this magic energy of business success being generated and then effortlessly emanating form out of my eyes. I'm realizing that it's better to mentally pull back and try to seperate from thinking too much about what I should do for a business. It all comes down to just the power of business success itself.

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