Playing the subliminal, "Fairy Magic Powers- Autumn Fairies" is like taking a meditation mind-journey into the fall season. As soon as I play the mp3, I literally feel transported into a swirling of fallen brown leaves and the coolness and crispness of the autumn season. I can see in my mind, a cyclone of energy, brown and filled with colors coming straight into my third eye and entire being.

It's springtime all around me as I write this but inside I'm immersed in the power of autumn. There is a tranquility and pecaefulness that sweeps away the stress and tension of the world around me. It's as if my mind and entire being is caught up in a timeless parallel world, where nothing exists except the season of Fall.

As far as any revelations, it comes to my mind that the fall season is a representative of change, in the lives of us as human beings. I'm not sure what that is, I just get this surreal feeling, as I listen to the mp3 and allow myself to become immerssed in this special place. In hearing this mp3, it really wipes away my problems and stresses that I was all caught up in prior to hearing this mp3.

My problems have become instantly, irrelevant compared to the magic and beauty of this experience. I am immersed in the magic that is here yet I have no interest in trying to gain some type of magical abilities. I get the idea, that there are infinite amounts of various beings responsible,behind the scenes for making fall appear to us here on the earth as it does.

The swirling that comes to my mind, has to do wth the Air and the Fairies are beings that reside here in this element. As I become observant and sit back, I can see the fairies come up to my mind and I pull back and keep my mind quiet, so as to not interfere in what I see before me. I sense some anger, possibly repressed within myself but also maybe from intruding or maybe from my prescence here in this place.

The fairies are in the form of beautiful women, light-beings made from the air element or vice-versa. It isn't time yet to awaken this place to the world, not until the time of it's season approaches. There is the feeling of endless work being done here. That the work never stops and then it appears for everyone to see at the right time. The leaves blowing in the air and appearing everywhere on the ground.

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Listening to "Voodoo Magic Mastery Spells Mp3" and as it starts playing my mind is immediately turned towards the power and culture of voodoo. I can feel the magic of the spirits of this magical system start coming to me within 2 minutes of letting the mp3 play in the background while watching the nba finals. Maybe it's just me but I can instantly tune into the spirits from the vodoo religion, simply by playing the mp3 and not even thinking about acquiring secrets from them.

I can see in my third eye into another dimension, a swirling of voodoo spirits. There comes out from this sea of psychic energy, the figure of a black woman wearing a red checkered bandana looking at me. I see only her face looking directly at me and at first I'm thinking that this is a real woman with whom I'm somehow making mental contact with.

As I continue to make mental eye contact with her I realize that she is actually a spirit. I can hear her saying to me, very quietly, " Give me your mind". She keeps repeating this phrases to me and I realize as this happens that if I give in, just a little bit, that I start receiving magical power from her. In developing voodoo powers it comes down to the spirit giving them to you. I can hear her saying things to me. I sit half-way mentally giving in and then pulling back with my will. "I'm going to make you rich and famous" and other phrases coming to me.

I let the mp3 mindlessly loop in the background. I'm not being influenced by affirmations, like you would find with the standard subliminal mp3. This mp3 is opening up a gateway. This has nothing to do with influencing my mind but instead taking my mind on a spirtual journey to a hidden, unseen and unknown world.

I start to think of various things I'm desiring. The power of sex is very strong here in this state of mind. I'm not even thiking about sex but the power of it runs rampant. I think of money and I can see images of sparkling gold and visions of money and the magic power of money inside me glowing. I find that by thinking of money that I'm actually unconsciously casting a magical spell for money attraction without exerting any effort, except for thinking about money. There is now just a stinging power that is very strong coming to me. The swirling of voodoo spirits has gone down and I feel as I have delved deeper into this world of magic power.

I now am experiencing a landscape of power that I can see in my straight ahead and periphial vision. I can see and feel a connection to the entire world from this hidden dimension that runs parallel to it. The power coming to me from the mp3 is very strong at this point of having looped it 2 times through. I say that this is because I have an understanding and ability to access this dimension by listening to the mp3.

That I only have to play it and I can practice voodoo by mentally entering this world. I only need to mnetally say to myself what I want to have happen and I can feel it kicking in with no doubt or hesitation. I can feel waves of psychic energy move with my mental commands

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Just listening to the subliminal, "Magic Eyegazing All Purpose Magic Abilities Subliminal Mp3". The first thing that I can feel from it is a sea of magical energies coming to my mind and thinking about what type of magical powers I could attain from listening to it. I can feel some pressure on my eyes and get the feeling, that there is some energy emnating from my eyes from listening to the mp3. The one thing that stands out from within 5-10 minutes of hearing it, is that my current stresses and worries have vanished to a great deal and my mind is turned towards the magic that I can feel coming from my eyes.

My first thoughts in hearing this mp3, are turned towards the ideas of influencing people to do certain things and also the idea of mnaifesting results in my life comes to me strongly. This feeling of being able to influence life to my liking is becoming stronger and stronger with every passing minute of hearing the mp3. Lettting it play, I find myself gaining confidence in being able to do what I want with the magic from the mp3. I start sending out of my eyes into the ether ,the power from the mp3. I think about attracting good fortune into my life. Nothing too specific but specific enough to make me believe it can be mine. I can feel it reflect back to me as I think about it and release it from my gaze.

As I continue to listen to the mp3 and focus on attracting good fortune to myself, there is a magic energy field being generated, of good fortune all around my mind and thinking. I find myself believing stronger and stronger that this is true and find all anxiety in my solar plexus being dissolved away in the process. I can now see this field of good fortune energy in a parallel dimension of where all energy resides. I can see inside it and there is a gold, sparkling energy inside it. It is like a magnetic gold power, floating in front of my third eye.

I find that I can make this energy field, stronger and more dense the more that I look at it and send more energy into it with my eyes. I can feel some doubt creeping in and I think about dowsing this doubt with a limitless blast from my eyegazing power. I concentrate on feeding this good fortune power, making it thicker and stronger than my doubt As I do this, my mind opens up to a whole other level of magical things that can be done using this mp3. I can see in the distance in the ether, magical things taking place, maybe from other people doing things and I can observe them accidently through the use of this mp3

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This subliminal mp3, Kundalini Naga Serpent Activation Power" is a very powerful subliminal. As soon as I start listening to it, there is an almost immediate awakening and flowing of kundalini energy coming up through the merdiian pathways. I can feel that power that feels like an electric voltage down in the solar plexus area, start building and rising up through my middle. I have a bit of apprehension experiencing this due to a fear of overdoing this process of awakening this hidden energy.

I feel in my mind, this same kundalini power waking up in perfect harmony with what is taking place in my solar plexus area. I have to admit that this process makes one feel very powerful and confident. I start wondering what this power could be used for or if it's even possible to control it an direct towards some definite means.

I feel like I am energizing my entire persona and am residing in another world based on this power. I can feel this electric energy having built up within my entire spirit, mind and body having listened to the mp3, barely once through. If I concentrate, just a little bit, I can see a coiled up snake in the center of this energy field.

Maybe this is my imagination or maybe it is because as this power fills one up, this becomes revealed to the person who awakens their kundalini. This subliminal is based on the certain kundalini exercise and is a bit different than the normal kundalini exercises. It is about activating the serpent from within the kundalini energy.

I'm still not sure what one could do with this power but it is a revitalizing experience. It is not too strong and anyone would be able to hear this mp3 and have this experience for themselves personally. There is no doubt a tremendous power coming from out of this process.

Looking at the definition of "kundalini naga" on google, it says that the reason for wanting to gian this power is for recieving visions and awakening secret knowledges. There is alot of mystery surrounding the kundalini. It would be impossible for anyone to control this energy without killing themselves. This energy can not be controlled, nor should one attempt to do so. Using this mp3 awakens this power and it makes you want more but to much all of a sudden would be a bad thing.

I've just come back to listening to this mp3 after having taken a 20 hr break and the kundalini power, immediately kicks in as soon as I play the mp3. If you've ever wanted to experience the kundalini energy awakening without having to do anything but listen to a mp3, then you'll be interested in hearing this mp3.

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I'm playing the subliminal mp3, "Akashic Records Learning Palace" and just letting it play in the background while I sit here at the computer. As it plays, I get the sensation of being someplace other than where I'm at, at the moment. I feel as if my mind is in a gigantic enclosure, while my body is sitting here on the Earth. I get the feeling as I realize this, that I can access any information I desire here, simply by using my mind to retrieve it.

The best description of this experience, is the feeling that I'm in some type of library somewhere and that all the events, people, places and things that have ever existed here on the Earth since the beginning of time are recorded here. That any knowledge that I desire to know about anyone or anything can be found here, simply by mentally using my mind to bring it to me from off the endless shelves that I can sense are all around me.

There is a feeling of complete solitude here, as if I was in an actual library somewhere all by myself and could find any book on anything that I wanted, because I was the only person who had ever entered this library and there was no one before me. I have the feeling that none of this information here has ever been accessed before me. That it is all mine to know and that there are no restrictions on what knowledge I desire to know about anything. The longer the mp3 plays, the more I can sense and feel which information I should be looking at.

It is as if I have no choice but to accept what is too be given me from this secret place. I can think about anything and I get this holographic movie, moving in a weird time frame, moving at a different rate of speed. Fast forward, frame by frame. I can see faces and see mouths of people moving but can not hear any actual words coming from their mouths.

I start thinking about computers and there are pictures of men with gignatic mainframes in front of me. I can mentally ride a time line going back o the infancy of computers and see it go through the decades and into the future beyond my line of vision. I can feel the thoughts of men and what they thought about computers from the beginning to the advent of the home computer. Then time goes faster and the quantum pace of the transformation from home computers to hand held devices wizzes by in my mind.

I feel like I'm looking up at the stars at night and watching a comet speed across the sky. That's the best comparison I can make from what this experience is like. I realize that the different computer languages are no different than the different languages of man, from country to country and that everything is the same. That the great frontiers of computers are only doing the exact same thing in a different way.

I think about how can I become a genius at computers and at learning these different languages. I get flashes of different responses in my mind. I get keep things simple but think big. By learning the basics of the languages and sticking to them. I think this is the wrong question to ask here. Not really getting the answers I'm looking for at ths time, Little bits and pieces of things.

I can see the whole spectrum of what man as a whole thinks about computers but not indiviual people. I know the answers to my questions can be found here. The future is stored here and if in the future I want to know the answers to something, they can only be found here. Here is where all the knowledge to the known and unknown is stored and kept.

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