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Unlock your Unlimited Potential

Learn to unlock the power from within your thinking and transcend your present circumstances, through the power of words and magic. You can start today, to rise above your problems and radiate a new, magnetic you to the world around you.

You can tap the infinite magic of the world around you and make yourself one with it. Enter a whole other dimension of energy and power, through the sub-conscious mind and your own inate ability to make it manifest your dreams and goals.

Right now this power is waiting within you to be awoken and put to use, bringing about your heart's desires

Magnetic Attraction Power of the Mind

Activate your own magnetic manifesting power effortlessly

Mastering the Power of your Sub-Conscious Mind

Becoming the person you dream of being

By using a combination of magic, energy and carefully chosen words you can now effortlessly start to change your inner thoughts about yourself and your entire auric energy field. You only need to listen to these subliminal mp3s and you will feel change coming over your mind and the way you feel about your life.

It will begin a few minutes after you start to play these mp3s and there will be a shift in your energy and in what you feel you can accomplish in your life. The possibilites of what you may be able to do will come to your thinking and your imagination will break off in a million different directions about what you think you can now do.

After a couple of loopings of these mp3s, you won't be sure what to do but you will believe that there is something there that you should follow. All you'll hear on the surface of the recordings are the sound of ocean waves yet underneath you will sense and be awoken to some type of energy, something magical that you will desire to try and manipulate with your mind.

Thi is where your journey begins and this is the correct thing to do with this new-found energy, you are experiencing from hearing these mp3s. Don't bottle up this energy but learn to release it from your mind and to let it go. Keep listening to these mp3s and you will feel your inner inhibitions and doubts fade, little by little with each passing minute of playing these audios.

Think about what you want to have happen from listening to these mp3s and then release it to the ether.

Making the Magic from these Mp3s your own

Become a Master of the World around You

Listen to the Mp3s

Just listen to these subliminal mp3s, anyway you want. Through your mp3 player, your phone or in your car, even in the background while your doing something else.

Infuse the Magic with your Imagination

As you become more confident and feel your mental blockages dissolving, fuse your imagination for what you want in your life, with the magic powers you are mentally attaining

Feel the Magic Power

As you listen to the mp3, let the magic power within the audio come to your mind. Keep listening to it and allow the magic to build up and inspire you to manifest your desires with this new found power

Release your Magic Spell to the Ether

When you feel, that you can't build up the power of your magic spell anymore from listening to the mp3, then mentally release it to the ether and allow it to manifest for you in your life.

Let the Magic Build up in Your Mind

As you listen to the mp3s, allow the magic to keep building up in your mind, body and spirit. With each passing minute, your magical powers in relation to the mp3 title, become stronger and more powerful

Get ready to Receive your Desires

Let go of how you think you should manifest your desire's and just be ready and loose to receive them. Keep repeating this entire process and let go and just be

all our paid subliminals have the following

Each paid subliminal mp3 has the sound of ocean waves as the masking track
Each paid subliminal mp3 is 20 minutes in length
All mp3s are $5.00/each
All mp3s are available for "instant download" and are stored on the website under your account
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All mp3s have the magic added to them of immediately energizing you, right from the bginning as you start listening to them


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